As a specialist physician, one of my main roles is sorting out the problems that people experience from their digestive system. This may vary from simple heartburn to abnormalities found on a liver blood test.

This involves several clinics each week, when I see patients referred to me by their family doctor or from other specialists. Investigations and treatment which follow on from this often includes endoscopy - the process of introducing a miniaturised camera into the body under a sedative injection.

Like many hospital physicians, I also have a responsibility for 'acute medicine', that is I work on the hospital emergency rota admitting and caring for patients admitted as emergencies and requiring hospital care.

Needless to say, in doing all of the above I am heavily reliant on the hospital staff and laboratory, the imaging department and a network of colleagues - medicine is very much teamwork.

Behind the scenes, I am involved in the education and training of younger doctors and aspiring specialists. I contribute to the debate of how the local services in Kent are shaped and how our hospitals can provide the best possible service both to NHS and private patients.